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Netflix or NetFixed! Facebook or Facehooked! - What's your next Insta story?

You can empathize when you connect & you can support each other when you belong!

Have we thought what in the lockdown made social isolation so difficult for people?

Weren’t we socially isolated from each other way before the lockdown?

We were next to our parents but always occupied on our mobile phones, and work was our best excuse. When with a spouse, we let Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hotstar become our best friends before each other. Our outings with friends were all about the next Facebook and Instagram pictures we wanted to post.

Social isolation started before was imposed on us. It was uncomfortable because of the force. The struggle seems real because we were unable to connect emotionally and mentally with family and friends. We started finding family unbearable without healthy boundaries.

Nothing will change even now when we meet our friends. We will still think of the best picture to post on social media. So let me ask you this - when our friends are the social partners, instead of telling them you missed them, how does posting a picture help?

Suddenly, we all want to go to our offices, schools, colleges, and institutions. When we were going to work, we wanted to work from home. Now, it’s become more of a challenge than a choice.

Human beings are funny. We always have sides to pick without knowing the experience of both the sides. We were socially distant from our loved ones much before the pandemic. It should have been easier for us to adapt. Unfortunately, we failed. We connected so we can virtually tell people about the essential elements of human existence – belongingness!

A virus invisible to the naked eye was required to make us realize – we still need people over machines to continue with our survival. It’s time to connect with family and friends – emotionally and spiritually.

Machines can churn products, and human beings sustain lives.

To belong is to connect deeply with people around you, in person, and mind!


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