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What made you so self - critical?

“I wish I could point at one thing & change it”

Look around you! People have insecurities and uncertainties that they are silently fighting, one of them being - criticism.

Self- critics are not just high achievers who want more from life and are competitive. They have a trait as part of their personality. It begins to dominate when reinforced throughout the years. There are many reasons for it. It could be because, as kids, some people experience bullying in school. It could also be that their parents expected more from them than they could fulfil. Or maybe their parents were never around them with love and care. Lastly, there is a possibility that they are a product of a dysfunctional society that always imposes ideals.

Self-criticism is viewing oneself negatively and always evaluating oneself in light of failure. It is like maintaining an account for losing a task, hobby, and emotional sanity. It’s a feeling of never being good enough. Self- critics carry a burden other than the vulnerability of being judged by others. Sometimes, it is beyond just being harsh on oneself. There is less impact in telling them to “just be easy on yourself and enjoy life a little.” It even ends in self-harm, using a substance, and often rumination (repetitive thinking).

Self- critics are not just individuals who want to be in a high ranked position. They are just like any one of us. However, it could lead to difficulties and problems in relationships, work, and with oneself.

Give out love and compassion so people could believe in a safe world.

Let’s practice compassion. We never know someday, someone might want to become a self-compassionate person than an exhausted self-critic.


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