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Adulting - Journey or Destination?

Is adulting about the journey, or is it about the destination of this journey?

Is it a journey without a well-crafted mental destination?

It’s a path with many directions, and the journey becomes about choosing which direction to step onto. Different directions lead to different outcomes: liked/disliked, desired/undesired.

Adulting comes with choices to make and decisions to ponder. For every choice that is opted for, a part of oneself awakens. This part comes with questions, statements, and beliefs—some harsh, a few real, and many unwanted.

It’s this vulnerable part, so scared of and for us, that needs love, care, and compassion. Positive remarks make us feel confident. But for all the criticism this part carries, we belittle ourselves.

Adulting is about finding a voice for this part—a part shaped by stories and narratives from parents, caregivers, teachers, morals, and society, but not necessarily from ourselves.

Love this part inside of you, conditioned to carry shame.

Lessen your burden by holding some of the baggage from this part. Notice how adulting doesn’t become a destined journey, but rather a way to love yourself in any direction.

It’s definitely not about the destination.

The journey becomes so meaningful when there’s no definite place to be.


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