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Letter to the Therapist with Harmonious Compatibility

Dear Therapist,

I want to express my deep gratitude for creating a safe space for me through therapy. Whether it was in-person, when I entered your room with a heavy heart, fearing you might reject me, or when you transitioned to another country, never making me feel abandoned, I have journeyed with you even before virtual platforms became necessary.

You have always believed in your therapeutic approach, even when I questioned it. You never let my doubts affect you negatively, though I'm aware there must have been challenges for you as well.

Shifting perspectives and wearing different lenses wasn't easy, but your consistent effort and insightful guidance allowed me to transition smoothly. I have learned that anger is not inherently wrong; it can be beautiful, and affection can be seen in new ways. This has been a wondrous and enlightening learning experience.

While you reflected what was missing in my life, you never pushed me against others on this journey. You made mistakes and apologized, and that honesty and authenticity, combined with my own vulnerability, made it less intimidating. Together, we pieced fragments of myself and others, holding them together like strings, sometimes moving forward and sometimes taking a step back—a balanced way to navigate life.

The freedom to disengage from certain roles and engage with them as needed has been liberating and healing for my core. Thank you for being there for me and demonstrating that our relationship is dynamic, always focused on my well-being.

It wouldn't be an overstatement to say that your self-disclosure as a therapist humanized you and allowed me to appreciate vulnerability.

The dance we engage in during therapy sessions, two wounded individuals navigating the path, is becoming smoother, with fewer pitfalls to pull us down.

Thank you for showing me that the sun still shines, even when there's a dark storm in front of me.

With sincere gratitude,

A Client

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