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Not so visible aspects of Borderline Personality

BPD is broadly related to Self - Harm, Impulsivity and mood swings or anger.

It’s commonly known that Borderline’s are black and white in thinking, most dominant diagnosis is given on presence of self harm to BPD.

Hidden aspects -

1. Loneliness

People with BPD recall as young as 13 years old, experiencing lifelessness and received derogatory remarks on sharing that experience.

A constant loop that makes one think - “no one notices I exist” goes on in their minds.

The drama isn’t to gain attention, it’s to end the dark loneliness!

2. Trust and Self

At many clinics we tend to hear, A BPD person will make their partner go nuts and the books describe them paranoid creatures who would call to check on their partners even if they are a minute late than the promised time.

Actually, no one talks about the lack of trust to survive alone in that minute a patient of BPD might be experiencing. Imagine panic attacks every minute perceived in the mind!

Just saying -

People with BPD are like people with third degree burns ~ Linehan

People with BPD are like children drowning in the water, learning to swim and relearning at every wave!

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