• Sanjoni

An oversized Dancer

It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white, slim or a bit oversize!

Instead of commenting on her agility, the audience ogled at her thunder thighs.

She hid under the foundation on her dark skin.

Afraid, she couldn’t conceal hair on her chin.

Everyone around her was petite and ladylike, but she was classified into a muscular type.

She shaped her bushy eyebrows for the event.

Ashamed, she had sideburns on either side.

Lasers were the new media ads, and there was blood from her pores with razor mistreatments.

She outgrew her costumes before she even tried.

Shh! now she shreds to a slim size.

By this time in the race, she was so confused - they said to be flat, but curvy is the new look.

Bigger breasts and rounded backside

She fell for the new stereotype!

Slim or fat, pretty or ugly, a new weighing scale was her birthday buy!

#physicalappearance #mentalwellbeing #selfimage #selfesteem #dancers #girlsandboys

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